Circulating pump

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(Steam Engine) a pump for driving the condensing water through the casing, or tubes, of a surface condenser.

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The circulating pump reaches a pumped capacity of up to 8 L/min and a pressure output of 0.
The Wanner Oil Coolers are 'air blast' coolers with a circulating pump and an oil filter; designed to give excellent cooling efficiency and maintain oil condition, viscosity and performance.
86 million in the purchase of one Shaft Circulating Pump and one Thrust Roller Bearing.
Application ref: 12/0397/FUL Date received: February 27 Address: Billingham Reach Industrial Estate, Haverton Hill Road, Billingham, TS23 1PX Proposal: Erection of circulating pump house.
He sized the pump head of the secondary system circulating pump to match the combined resistance of the branch piping from the primary system, the secondary system piping, and the pressure drop through secondary system control valves and coils.
A circulating pump and filtration system will keep water clean and mosquito-free.
Whenever the sun shines on the collectors, the circulating pump comes on, and the solar fluid circulates within the closed loop.
With two tanks and a circulating pump, the feedstock of animal fat or vegetable oil--either virgin or straight from the deep fryer--is poured into a chemical soup that include "a catalyst" and "an alcohol.
CF-Series liquid chillers include 1/2- to 60-ton water-cooled and air-cooled units with a nonferrous coolant circuit, storage reservoir and circulating pump, electronic operating temperature control with [+ or -] 1[degrees]F accuracy, and a digital display.
in Fukushima Prefecture will be suspended manually as irregularities related to a circulating pump for coolant water have been found, the company said Friday.
Beyond casting and robotics, Hayes Montague took a simple step to improve melt efficiency and added a circulating pump to its main reverberatory melting furnace to ensure equilibrium of temperature.
The STRANTROL MG/L 5 consists of the electronic module, the flow cell assembly, and the input modules and features a backlit display, a sample control valve, and a safety shutdown feature in the case of circulating pump failure and/or supply tank empty alarm and sample water failure.