Circulating pump

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(Steam Engine) a pump for driving the condensing water through the casing, or tubes, of a surface condenser.

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The Swiss firm Luber showcased its core coating systems consisting of an automatic processing system that features an agitating container, circulating pump, water pouring equipment and an electric control panel and a dip tank for robotic dipping within an area of 1000 x 800 mm.
Through the Performance Products Group, the company supplies the oil lines and circulating pump to the No.
Water temperatures leaving the heat pump are treated as inputs to the circulating pump model.
While the system on my house works well, I did have to invest in a 10 watt solar electric panel to run a small circulating pump, and have a stainless steel heat exchanger tank built.
Basic components of fluid mixing equipment include a holding tank or tanks, a hopper through which additives are placed in the tank, mixing system, circulating pump to agitate mixed fluid to prevent solids from settling, and a pump or pumps to deliver mixed fluid to the drill unit.
Power Cool chillers also contain an integral circulating pump and storage tank and a pressure relief water by-pass circuit, allowing significant reductions in component costs and installation time to be achieved.
Tenders are invited for Provn Of Circulating Pump Sets And Connected Items For Pressure Filter Sand Installed In Pump House No 1 At Rms And Repair Replacement Of Ci Di Lines Including Sluice Valve And Valve Chamber At Rms
The circulating pump brings the heated fluid into the home where the heat is transferred to the domestic water supply.
Glandless circulating pump, 700 running meters of pipelines of black steel pipe, insulation, 19 pcs.
CF-Series liquid chillers include to 60-ton water-cooled and air-cooled units with a nonferrous coolant circuit, storage reservoir and circulating pump, electronic operating temperature control with F accuracy, and a digital display.
After replacing a circulating pump and various other components, the rig is now in its best operating condition and should move onto location the first week of May.
Other features include a 3-gal fluid reservoir, 1/3-hp circulating pump of stainless steel, and electronic control panel with easy-to-read digital display.