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adv.1.So as to surround or encircle.
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Thickness readings; soft and hard marine growth measurements taken from pre-determined cardinal points both vertically and circumferentially.
Comprehensive evaluation of the entire bladder lumen including the trigone and ureters is performed with a simple 360-degree rotation of the scope, with minimal manipulation, compared with the traditional in-and-out technique used to circumferentially view sections of the bladder surface.
The anatomic neck plane was defined by selecting points circumferentially around the humeral anatomic neck, as shown in Figure 2, and creating a best fit plane that passed through all points.
Surface osteosarcomas occur on the cortical surface within or deep to the periosteum and may largely protrude from (parosteal) or extend circumferentially along the surface (periosteal) of the host bone; high-grade surface osteosarcoma may invade the medullary canal.
The overlying squamous epithelial layer of the tympanic membrane was circumferentially dissected along the edge of the cholesteatoma.
The cysts form within the outer plexiform layer and extend circumferentially.
Over 30 clinical trials in over 750 patients have shown that up to 2 inches or more of fat can be lost circumferentially after just 3 treatments performed at 2 week intervals.
This layer consists primarily of circumferentially arranged layers of smooth muscle cells.
4 million litres of fresh water and is circumferentially ringed by a total of 168 absorbing wave makers.
Key statement: A road wheel for a tracked vehicle is provided with a circular mounting flange having a dished wall extending radially outwards and circumferentially therefrom, a peripheral rim having a first edge and a second edge with the rim connected to an outer edge of the dished wall at an intermediate region of the rim, and a first lip extending from the first edge.
The presence of axial-bending stress can reduce the failure pressure of circumferentially orientated defects, including cracks and corrosion.
His research has focused on steel frame with a single glass sheet that is circumferentially adhesive bonded to the frame and as such, it is considered as a load-bearing element.