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adv.1.So as to surround or encircle.
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By mounting sensors on a sensor carrier, oriented circumferentially to the pipeline axis, the emitted sound waves travel circumferentially in the pipe.
The absorbent article body also has one or more waist opening elastic members extending circumferentially around the waist opening, a plurality of rear waist elastic members that are stretchable in the width-wise direction of the absorbent article body and a plurality of front waist elastic members that are stretchable in the widthwise direction of the absorbent article body.
We performed revision surgery to open the left membranous closure with a Lusk ball probe (figure, C) and to enlarge the opening circumferentially with a microdebrider (figure, D).
4, computational fluid dynamics simulations have helped engineers implement a circumferentially and radially staged flame stabilizer retrofit that is said to cut N[O.
Key statement: A tire for a heavy vehicle with a radial carcass reinforcement of a width in excess of 25 inches comprising at least a working crown reinforcement made up of at least one layer of reinforcing elements oriented substantially circumferentially, radially surmounted by at least two so-called working layers axially wider than the layer of substantially circumferentially oriented reinforcing elements.
The bladder tumour was located circumferentially within the bladder diverticulum.
In some cases, however, as bad girth weld quality or occurrence of bending stresses, for example, circumferentially oriented cracks (transverse cracks) can be initiated that may lead to failure under certain circumstances.
The diaper has an elastic stretchability circumferentially of the waist-opening and leg-openings.
A small posterior incision was made, and the cyst was dissected free circumferentially and off the vocal ligament.
Primary air is introduced circumferentially to provide swirl, which forces the liquid slag to the walls where a portion of it is removed by a slag tap.
The tire additionally comprises in each shoulder at least one layer of reinforcement elements which are parallel to each other in the additional layer and are oriented circumferentially, the axially inner end of said additional layer being radially adjacent and external to the radially outermost working layer and said axially inner end of the additional layer being radially adjacent and internal to at least part of the protective layer.