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a.1.Looking around every way; cautious; careful of consequences; watchful of danger.
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24 a Good sermon in general, but could not agree with him in every particular a Afternoon from Ephesians 5, 15 and 16 a A most excellent discourse indeed a To walk circumspectly a duty enjoined a How to walk circumspectly shown in several particulars a Motive to a circumspective walk because the days are evil a Present day's evil on several accounts, if not on account of perfection and as in the days of the Apostles.
to set up a formality designed to induce deliberation will depend upon the degree to which the factual situation, innocent of any legal remolding, tends to bring about the desired circumspective frame of mind.
In the essay To My Offspring, Wei Xi (1624-1680), who was an essayist with the Qing Dynasty, warned his sons, that "The right way to listen is that you cannot be exposed to words of kindness unless you are open-minded; the true meaning does not come along unless you are circumspective.
Truisms and stock phrases are not a good basis for circumspective practical work and in Germany there is a growing awareness of the need to replace simple and general rules with more complex processes involving the weighing up of alternatives.
The majority of Asian Christians in the early 20th century, who were illiterate and short of circumspective knowledge of the Bible, tended to read it as an absolute, reading it literally.
Heidegger poses the critical question, "By what existential-ontological modifications does assertion arise from circumspective interpretation" (p.
79) Therefore, every understanding is an interpretation and every interpretation is circumspective.
The spatiality of being-in-the-world privileges various directions of circumspective manipulation.
Most circumspective writers in a group have that charley horse built in--it's called obsession, momentum, deflection, redistribution or even perhaps inspiration or dramaturgy, playing the game with the process of "publication" as well as with the original "running" discourse of creation.
Whilst prophetic traditions were widely publicized, memorized and disseminated to all, the education of tasawwuf was restricted and its propagation circumspective.
55) If I am right to claim that there is a notion of irreducible, agent-specific knowledge at work in Hegel's account of desire, then we can see that there is a close affinity between this account and Heidegger's account of the agent's circumspective seeing (Umsicht) in relation to the world characterized by "readiness-to-hand" (Zuhandenheit); Martin Heidegger, Sein und Zeit (Tubingen: Max Niemeyer, 1941), 5 Auflage, section 15; translated into English as Being and Time, trans.
51) Generally, all entities and things appear and loom (truly) meaningful to us only in terms of their contingent use, premised on our circumspective concern, or Sorge.