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(Placename) (formerly) a Bantu homeland in SE South Africa; declared independent in 1981 but this was not recognized outside South Africa; abolished in 1993. Capital: Bisho (now Bhisho)


(ˈsɪs kaɪ)

a self-governing black homeland in SE South Africa, on the Indian Ocean: granted independence in 1981. 2,000,000; 3205 sq. mi. (8300 sq. km). Cap.: Bisho.
Cis•kei′an, adj., n.
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1990 - ANC loyalists overthrow the government of South African homeland of Ciskei.
However, instead of continuing in anaesthetics in Cape Town, he took his wife and their two young daughters to the Ciskei to take up an appointment as district surgeon in the Stockenstroom area.
The Eastern Cape, home to the impoverished Transkei and Ciskei Bantustans, sent a steady stream of migrants to the Cape Flats in search of wage labor, but these migrants were effectively shut out of housing by the Group Areas Act (27).
1998) 'Youth organisations and the construction of masculine identities in the Ciskei and Transkei, 1945-1960', Journal of Southern African Studies 24 (4): 653-67.
His wife, a Filipina who arrived South Africa with a German Company that had factories in the former Ciskei during the apartheid period, added that it was initially called Beacon Bay China Mall.
11 It was formed by the amalgamation of the two former homelands, Transkei and Ciskei, with the border regions of East London and Port Elizabeth (both former Cape Provincial Administration).
For some reason, Bophuthatswana seemed to have more leeway than other homelands such as Transkei and Ciskei in hiring expatriate staff.
This correlates with Gugushe (2006) where it was reported that in some villages in the former Ciskei area of South Africa, most villagers prefer firewood for cooking and house heating despite the fact that they have access to electricity.
My work was initially in inner city Johannesburg and then in Nelson Mandela Bay and in the rural areas of the former homelands of the Ciskei and the Transkei where Rolihlahla Mandela was born.
We visited the Bantustans, the puppet black 'states' within South Africa, set up by apartheid to pretend the country's blacks were not South African, but citizens of Ciskei, Transkei and other Orwellian deceptions.
Chairman of the Council of State, Ciskei ([1992] 3 S Afr LR 250 at 265, (Ciskei HC)), the court held as follows: "This Court has always stated openly that it is not the maker of laws.
I emigrated to South Africa in 1983 where I held the posts of Chief Nature Conservation Officer for Ciskei, and founding Director of the Bophuthatswana National Parks and Wildlife Management Board.