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(Plants) any plant of the genus Cistus. See rockrose
[C16: New Latin, from Greek kistos]
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Noun1.cistus - small to medium-sized evergreen shrubs of southern Europe and North AfricaCistus - small to medium-sized evergreen shrubs of southern Europe and North Africa
dilleniid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs
Cistaceae, family Cistaceae, rockrose family - shrubs or woody herbs of temperate regions especially Mediterranean
rock rose, rockrose - small shrubs of scrub and dry woodland regions of southern Europe and North Africa; grown for their showy flowers and soft often downy and aromatic evergreen foliage
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One's delight in an elderberry bush overhanging the confused leafage of a hedgerow bank, as a more gladdening sight than the finest cistus or fuchsia spreading itself on the softest undulating turf, is an entirely unjustifiable preference to a nursery-gardener, or to any of those regulated minds who are free from the weakness of any attachment that does not rest on a demonstrable superiority of qualities.
A heart of magnetic musk accord and lingering notes of cistus labdanum linger on the skin for an utterly intoxicating finish.
Cistus, aptly named Sun Roses, are sunbathers and as long as they're welldrained and out in the open they will thrive, producing hundreds of large simple flowers with golden centres.
The Mediterranean plant Cistus incanus strengthens the reduced antioxidative defense system found in mature skin to neutralize reactive oxygen species that further damage the skin barrier.
For the experts, the perfume's top notes are bergamot and artemisia; its heart notes are jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, rose taif, blackcurrant bud, clove buds, and geranium; while its base notes are pink pepper, guaiacwood, cypriol, aoud, patchouli, oakmoss, cumin, cistus, benzoin, incense, labdanum, musk, and civet.
Woody Accord C The richness of the fragrance is attributed to intense smoked woods blended with saffron, cistus leaves, oud, and black licorice.
The bouA[degrees]quet is completed with cistus labdanum, amber and benzoin.
Juniperus oxycedrus and Buxus sempervirens are both evergreen sclerophyllous (maquis), whereas Cistus creticus and Thymus sibthorpii are both seasonal dimorphic (phrygana).
The lavender and erysimum work well with small shrub Cistus 'Sunset' with its sag e green leaves and cerise flowers.
The Eau de Cade is also an intense, luminous fragrance for men, boasting woody, spicy scents of cade, cedar, bergamot, pink pepper, petit grain and Cistus.
As for shrubs, Bell recommends the varieties below, which are followed by their scientific names: Dwarf Strawberry bush, Arbutus unedo Compacta; Wild lilac, Ceanothus Victoria; Rockrose, Cistus x hybridus; Sunrose, Helianthemum nummularium; Flowering currant, Ribes sanguineum; and Lavender, Lavandula spp.
Mention rock roses and most gardeners think of Cistus but the group also includes Helianthemum which is smaller and spreading with a wide range of colours and suitable for rockeries and border edges.