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censorious a town dweller


(in New Zealand) abbreviation for
(Education) Central Institute of Technology


1. citation.
2. cited.
3. citizen.
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The TC-CIT joint ventures were established in October 2014 through a 70% equity contribution by TC and 30% equity contribution by CIT.
We are excited to announce our joint venture with BRT, a highly respected and successful commercial real estate firm," said Rick Wolfert, CIT vice chairman, Commercial Finance.
It's important for the CIT director to have an ongoing training and evaluation plan for each CIT.
Most other witnesses said parallel efforts toward a better theoritical understanding of plasma behavior and the design and construction of a machine such as the CIT to test and refine those theories is the way to move forward and keep U.
Individuals interested in receiving corporate news releases can register at cit.
Chelser will be based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and report to CIT Bank's board of directors.
In addition to the NJEDA-supervised school projects, CIT is engineering and designing audio-visual, telecommunications, LAN/Wireless and security systems for a new 400,000-SF high tech high school in Montgomery Township High School, the state's leading public school district for academic achievement.
We look forward to continuing our relationship with CIT.
CIT Corporate Finance provides lending, leasing and other financial and advisory services to the small business and middle market sectors.
Steve Reedy, Managing Director of CIT Real Estate Finance, adds, "This deal further demonstrates CIT's ability to apply our industry expertise and capital to successfully support the growth objectives of our clients.
military families," said Mike Lorusso, Managing Director and Group head of CIT Energy.
We are pleased to have arranged this financing to support the acquisition of Paul Fabrications and position the company for further growth," said Chris Cantwell, Managing Director & Group Head of CIT Transportation Lending.