Cities of refuge

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(Jewish Antiq.) certain cities appointed as places of safe refuge for persons who had committed homicide without design. Of these there were three on each side of Jordan.

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Joshua provided six cities of refuge -- Bezer, Golan, Ramoth, Kadesh,
Meanwhile, Europe, in a display of united selfishness, has scuttled a plan to relocate a mere 40,000 asylum-seekers from their cities of refuge in Italy and Greece.
He was hosted first in France and later in Norway at Stavanger 2005-07 and in the United States of America at Miami City 2010-12 by the International Cities of Refuge Networks, which supports writers under threat and living in exile (Grundy "Chenjerai Hove is dead").
Essam's stay in MalmE[micro], which is a member of theInternational Cities of Refuge Network, will give him a chance to develop and grow, Reitov said.
Yet the idea of a divinely appointed safe house is not lost with the original cities of refuge.
Cities of Refuge is not original scholarship, but gleanings from previously published works.
However, it soon became clear to me that Cities of Refuge is about far more than refugees.
The cities of refuge are listed above the gates - Chicago, New York, St.
In addition to IMPACT, the Twin Cities area also has been added to Operation Rescue's Cities of Refuge Campaign scheduled for July 9-18.
The right of sanctuary was based on the inviolability attached to things sacred and not, as some have held, on the example set by the Hebrew cities of refuge.
When you cross the Jordan into Canaan, select some towns to be your cities of refuge to which a person who has killed someone accidentally may flee.
The Torah places still another restriction on the blood avenger: In case the accused killer is judged innocent, he is given the right to live as a free man in one of the cities of refuge.