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A city of northern Scotland on the Moray Firth at the terminus of the Caledonian Canal.


also In·ver·ness  (ĭn′vər-nĕs′)
1. A long, loose overcoat with a detachable cape having a round collar.
2. The cape of such an overcoat.

[After Inverness.]


1. (Placename) a city in N Scotland, administrative centre of Highland: tourism and specialized engineering. Pop: 40 949 (2001)
2. (Clothing & Fashion) (sometimes not capital) an overcoat with a removable cape


(ˌɪn vərˈnɛs, ˈɪn vərˌnɛs)

1. Also called In`ver•ness′shire (-ʃɪər, -ʃər) a historic county in NW Scotland.
2. a seaport in the Highland region, in N Scotland. 61,077; 1080 sq. mi. (2797 sq. km).
3. (often l.c.) an overcoat with a removable cape.
4. a long, full, wool or worsted cape, often in a plaid pattern.
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While the city of Inverness is excluded from the dedicated list of NC500-route properties, there's a wide selection on offer - whether you're on a modest budget or someone looking for something substantially more upmarket.
Adam Mitchell, 18, went missing on November 9 after leaving a bar in his home city of Inverness.
It is also a significant endorsement of all that HIAL have done to secure the UK's leading airline, and one of the world's most iconic commercial airline brands, back to the city of Inverness.
The roadway is crossing an easement conveyed by the City of Inverness over an historic city dump that is no longer used.
And it doesn't get much more magical than our holiday at the Great Glen Water Park halfway down the majestic 62-mile Great Glen, which stretches from Fort William on the west coast of the Scottish Highlands to the north-eastern city of Inverness.
We found ourselves heeding a mythic, freshwater monster's call as we flew north of the Scottish Islands into the mouth of River Ness, which in Gaelic words was how the city of Inverness got its name.
The city of Inverness is unusually busy and uncharacteristically warm even for a July afternoon.
Forres is one of Scotland's oldest towns and as it's close to the city of Inverness and the countryside and coast, we have the best of all worlds.
The city is the most popular tourist destination, but we decided to start our sojourn with the highland city of Inverness, known for its quaint, undisturbed charm.
As well as being a wonderful holiday destination, the Scottish Highlands are home to a quarter of a million people, from the vibrant city of Inverness to remote crofting communities and sparsely populated islands.
For your chance to win an opportunity to sample the convenience of direct flights to Scotland and the delights of Inverness, answer the question below: The city of Inverness lies at the mouth of which river?
The plans, which were approved by members of the council's City of Inverness and Area planning committee, also include associated developments such as a hotel and visitor attraction at Milton of Leys.