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1. (Placename) a county of SE Republic of Ireland, in Leinster province: mostly agricultural. County town: Kilkenny. Pop: 80 339 (2002). Area: 2062 sq km (796 sq miles)
2. (Placename) a market town in SE Republic of Ireland, county town of Co Kilkenny: capital of the ancient kingdom of Ossory. Pop: 9500 (latest est)


(kɪlˈkɛn i)

1. a county in Leinster, in the SE Republic of Ireland. 73,094; 796 sq. mi. (2060 sq. km).
2. its county seat. 9466.
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The Lyrath reigns over the city of Kilkenny with grace and glamour and thoroughly deserves its five-star rating.
Career criminal Alexander Gable, 53, was jailed for 14 months after pleading guilty to seven charges of breaking and entering in and around the city of Kilkenny, in the south-east of Ireland.
After a two-and-a-half-hour leisurely drive along a relatively empty motorway (Irish motorways are more like dual carriageways) we pulled into the bustling medieval city of Kilkenny, where a football match was just getting underway.
Inland lies the the historic city of Kilkenny dominated by its magnificent castle, Waterford, the famous crystal county with its beautiful coastal villages or Tipperary with its innumerable shades of green.

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