City ward

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a watchman, or the collective watchmen, of a city.
- Fairfax.

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In Lincoln's Inn, they gave up the hall and commons to the Northumberland Militia, under the command of Lord Algernon Percy; in some few of the city wards, the burgesses turned out, and without making a very fierce show, looked brave enough.
By ERIC WAINAINA brTwo more suspects have been arrested in connection with the murder of the 24-year-old wife of a former city ward representative.
Tenders are invited for supply erection testing and commissioning of new lt lines of 1 phase 3 wire and 3 phase 5 wire for street light connection in osmanabad city ward no1 to 4 and ward 9 to 14
The bank said that it has relocated its main branch from Durbarmarg to Kathmandu Metropolitan City Ward No 29.
Eugene Water & Electric Board Commissioner Rich Cunningham will resign in March because he's moving out of the city ward he represents.
Cllr Richard Lowe, local member for the City ward, said: "From the 13th century to 1756, all entertainers, including musicians, jugglers and actors required a legal licence to be able to perform.
Panel members selected solicitor Sharon Pennant as the Conservative candidate in Ladywood, a Labour-held inner city ward being targeted by the Tories.
Shortly after the birth of his first son in March 1991, he was visited by the director of birth planning for the city ward in which he lived.
Councilor Pat Farr's Ward 6 in west Eugene, which grew faster than any city ward, had to give up an area around Royal Avenue, which was moved into Ward 7.
IT isn't often that we have a good word to say for politicians these days, so we feel the very least we can do is to offer a public message of thanks to our local Newcastle city ward councillors - especially John Shipley and Ron Clark - for their swift and positive response to a complaint we made recently.
The city ward councilors and police had input into the plan.

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