Ciudad Guayana

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Ciudad Gua·ya·na

 (gwə-yä′nə, gwä-yä′nä)
A city of eastern Venezuela on the Orinoco River. It was founded in 1961 as a planned community.

Ciudad Guayana

(Spanish siuˈðað ɡwaˈjana)
(Placename) an industrial conurbation in E Venezuela, on the River Orinoco: iron and steel processing, gold mining. Pop: 807 000 (2005 est). Former name: Santo Tomé de Guayana

Ciu•dad Gua•ya•na

(syuˈðɑð gwɑˈyɑ nɑ)
a city in NE Venezuela, on the Orinoco River. 453,047.
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Officials said the plane crashed on land belonging to Sidor, which has a large mill near Ciudad Guayana, but without causing any injuries or damage to installations.
Similar protests were held in Merida, Valencia, Ciudad Guayana and Maracaibo.
Black-outs have badly affected industries, such as the vital manufacturing cities like Valencia and Ciudad Guayana.
President Hugo Chavez has been facing a public outcry in recent days over power failures which, after six nationwide black-outs in the last two years, are cutting power supply for hours each day in rural areas and in vital industrial cities like Valencia and Ciudad Guayana.
One of the headliner infrastructure projects of the government of President Hugo Chavez, the suspension bridge will cross the Orinoco River between the industrial cities of Ciudad Guayana and Ciudad Bolivar in Venezuela.
The Orinoco project will consist of a mechanical pulp plant and a 400,000-ton per year newsprint mill located on the north bank of the Orinoco River close to Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela.
Offer available at the following Inter-Continental and Crowne Plaza locations: Bogota, Buenos Aires, Cali, Caracas, Ciudad Guayana, Managua, Maracaibo, Medellin, Panama City, Quito, Rio de Janeiro, Rio negro, San Jose, San Pedro Sula, San Salvador, Santo Domingo, Santiago, Sao Paulo and Valencia.