Civil Rights movement

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Noun1.Civil Rights movement - movement in the United States beginning in the 1960s and led primarily by Blacks in an effort to establish the civil rights of individual Black citizens
social movement, movement, front - a group of people with a common ideology who try together to achieve certain general goals; "he was a charter member of the movement"; "politicians have to respect a mass movement"; "he led the national liberation front"
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From our Revolution to the Civil War, to the Great Depression, to the Civil Rights movement, our people have always mustered the determination to construct from these crises the pillars of our history.
Considering the importance of the Civil Rights Movement, children need to be introduced to the related concepts early in their school experiences, and teachers need to consider students' developmental needs and curriculum standards in order to provide appropriate content and methods of instruction.
Activist Ruby Bridges-Hall and civil rights movement organiser Joan Trumpauer Mulholland will also receive the accolade in the October ceremony.
July 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- In July 2015, the International Civil Rights Center and Museum (ICRCM) announced plans to launch a "Pride of the HBCU" exhibit in the museum next year, in honor of the significant contributions made by Historically Black Colleges and Universities as part of the civil rights movement.
Under WTTM, Whitman students travel to Walla Walla Public Schools to teach about the civil rights movement for two weeks in February.
THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT: A PHOTOGRAPHIC HISTORY, 1954-68 is the first book to tell the story of the civil right movement through photographs that recorded, promoted and protected it, and pairs striking images with a lively text capturing the drama and experience of the civil rights movement at its height.
Civil Rights Movement veteran Armstrong presents this memoir of his involvement in the Freedom Rides in the early 1960's and history of the Civil Rights Movement.
Height understood that the civil rights movement started at the schoolhouse door.
But he also reminded the audience that even though the civil rights movement was a unifying experience,
Road to Freedom: Photographs of the Civil Rights Movement 1956-1968" is a photographic history of this time when people were willing to go into the streets to protest a then racist government and society.
As the civil rights movement gains strength among young black people in the South, Rob and his friends back home help organize a sit-in at a Virginia Woolworth's lunch counter that won't serve African Americans, a protest that turns violent.
They don't think to call it the southern civil rights movement because the southern-ness of the movement is taken for granted.

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