Civil Service Commission

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1.In the United States, a commission appointed by the President, consisting of three members, not more than two of whom may be adherents of the same party, which has the control, through examinations, of appointments and promotions in the classified civil service. It was created by act of Jan, 16, 1883 (22 Stat. 403).
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The Federal Civil Service Commission has been doing a good job but unfortunately, Nigerians can be rather smart and we have had cases of illegal recruitment going on.
Officer Dykas appealed the termination to the Civil Service Commission, which ruled that he could not be compelled to testify at his disciplinary hearing and ordered that he be returned to work without loss of pay or benefits.
The National Civil Service Commission has revealed that there are about 15,000 vacancies for southern Sudanese within ministries in the Government of National Unity need to be filled urgently.
While welcoming plans to put the Civil Service Commission and House of Lords Appointments Commission on a statutory footing the committee said these moves "suggest a piecemeal and potentially inconsistent approach" to the issue so long as the other watchdogs continue to be sponsored by the Cabinet Office.
While some fault the county Civil Service Commission, Romeis said departments vary in their efforts at disciplining employees.
The directors for South Lane County Fire and Rescue are recruiting for the Civil Service Commission board.
Civil Service Commission drops its ban on lesbians and gays in civilian government employment.
Professor Chapman's history of the British Civil Service Commission is the latest contribution to the extraordinarily eclectic British Politics and Society Series that has embraced topics as wide-ranging as reforming the Constitution, creating the National Health Service, Scottish nationalism and the idea of Europe, the Royal Navy in the Falklands conflict, and the Gulf War.
The Welsh Assembly Government and the Civil Service Commission have also said the selection process was fair.
Thomas Lewand, a partner in Bodman, Longley & Dahling LLP's Detroit office, to the Michigan Civil Service Commission.
Anybody seeking Civil Service Commission jobs must reveal whether they have had or are in the process of going under the surgeon's knife.
The Highland Park Civil Service Commission votes 3-0 to support the decision of Police Chief Daniel J.

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