Civil Service Reform

1.The substitution of business principles and methods for political methods in the conduct of the civil service. esp. the merit system instead of the spoils system in making appointments to office.
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This has been outlined in dozens of civil service reform reports which are gathering dust in some redundant department.
Chie, prominent among the bills are the Land Rights Bill, the local Government Bill, Amendment to the 1986 Liberian Constitution and the Civil Service Reform Bill.
The same document explains that the government's strategy for civil service reform aims to control wages by linking wage increases to growth rate, hiring control, in addition to granting compensation package for official willing to leave the civil service (25 thousand officials).
He presided over civil service reform, signing into law and actively enforcing legislation to do away with the "spoils system" that used to dole out major political offices as juicy rewards.
This is an important piece of the civil service reform, I believe we are gradually building a mosaic, the puzzle that is the electronic government," Petrides said.
These include Civil Service reform, revamping Foreign Service bidding and assignments and targeted hiring initiatives to address deficits in certain career specialties.
Addressing a gathering of the civil service leaders Thursday, the First Vice - President gave a number of directives in the context of the civil service reform.
I am encouraged by my meeting with Palestinian PM Hamdallah and the commitment of his Government to assume its rightful responsibilities in Gaza, including on the control of the crossings as well as civil service reform and integration.
August 22, 2014 (KHARTOUM) -- Sudan's first vice-president, Bakri Hassan Salih, on Sunday will launch a program of civil service reform which aims to end two and a half decades of public service politicization.
support civil service reform in the West Bank and Gaza, with the presence of
The civil service reform would help to generate a modern public administration system with competitive salaries, IMF mission said in a statement following visit to Bishkek on May 6-16.
Civil Service Reform Commissioner Emanouela Lambrianides-Mousioutta said that the NSGI experts propose the creation of five local authorities to the cover the island's five districts, a system that would replace the current system of 39 municipalities.
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