Civil state

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the whole body of the laity or citizens not included under the military, maritime, and ecclesiastical states.

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The laws are not accustomed to relaxations, in favor of military exigencies; the civil state remains in full vigor, neither corrupted, nor confounded with the principles or propensities of the other state.
The minister also highlighted the crucial role of early Islamic covenants that laid the solid foundation of a civil state.
He also renewed the FPM's proposal for "a civil state.
We have all fought as Lebanese to develop our political system and to move forward to try to abolish sectarianism that has limited the possibility of its development," the Minister added, stepping up support for a civil state that caters for a civil system that's based on people's competencies.
How do we call to establish a civil state while it (the country) is led by armed factions?
Nidaa Tounes warns of "harassment attempts" against the party "serving the interests of extremist anarchist forces," saying it will always be a "factor of social balance and stability working for a modern and civil state.
Tenders are invited for Interior works at MP Civil State Supplies IIIrd floor Paryavas Bhawan Arera Hills Bhopal
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO -- 22 November 2017: Egyptian Minister of Culture Helmy Namnam expressed in his speech at the 39th Cairo International Film Festival that art and the cinema help us to maintain our great values, like love and peace, and to establish the Egyptian modern civil state.
Al-Masari said in a statement that "Baghdad conference will be a breakthrough and open to the rest of the other political forces to form a major national project" stressing that" this conference and what will be resulted from it from the national project does not have any sectarian side, but calls for building a civil state, which its basis depends on the principle of citizenship to keep Iraq united.
It highlighted Bahrain's commitment to continue the comprehensive development march and the establishment of the civil state, continue the reform project, promoting tolerance and rejecting extremism.
The doctrine of Civil State is a big lie utilised as a camouflage to mislead the Sudanese public; some opponents say.
Abu Dhabi: With several Arab and Muslim countries often struggling to create a civil state, the UAE stands as an example of success, managing to integrate religious tradition and culture with modernity, said a prominent Emirati writer in a lecture delivered on Monday.
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