Civil state

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the whole body of the laity or citizens not included under the military, maritime, and ecclesiastical states.

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The laws are not accustomed to relaxations, in favor of military exigencies; the civil state remains in full vigor, neither corrupted, nor confounded with the principles or propensities of the other state.
NNA - Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Beshara Boutros Rahi, said Saturday following a meeting with Zahle and West Bek deputies that the true role of Lebanon is to be an element of stability and peace in the East, asserting that the only solution to Lebanon's problems is via dialogue and a new national pact similar to that of 1943 that would flourish into a civil state based on equality and open to the Arab world.
In the statement, Iraqiya affirmed readiness to enter into negotiations toward realizing the demonstrators' demands on a time table; stressing its adherence to the patriotic project and establishing a civil state.
Bin Mubarak expressed his admiration for Yemen's youth, who personify Yemen's will for change and desire for a civil state, he said.
However, many prominent figures have warned that these arrangements would result in the coming parliament being dominated by religious streams that would write the new constitution to turn Egypt into a religious and not a civil state.
NNA - AL MOUSTAQBAL: Berri launches today "solution map" as Future Movement calls for civil state and attributes responsibility for all crises to presidential vacancy People call for election of president as riots calls for bringing down the regime ANNAHAR: Civil protest exceeds March 8 and 14 Cabinet has 72 hours before things escalate AL SHARQ AL AWSAT: Hezbollah bans organizers of You Stink movement from raising posters of Nasrallah among pictures of other politicians they want to oust Supporters of Nasrallah do not partake in protest AL HAYAT: "Suffering of the people" draws thousands and warns corrupt politicians R.
Secretary General Nabil Al-Araby stressed, in a statement, the importance of the step, which meets the demands of wide segments of the Iraqi people, commending Iraqi government's response to these demands, as well as Al-Abadi's determination to establish the civil state and exclude sectarian and radical dominance of the country's institutions.
support to Yemen during the transitional stage, confirming that Yemen is going ahead to complete this important stage to reach the civil state, which is sought by all Yemeni people.
The alliance said in a press statement: "The paper that was agreed at a meeting held at the headquarters of Salem al-Jubouri, head of the parliament, includes a package of legislative, judicial and executive measures contribute to build a civil state and achieve national interests and balance in the different state institutions, especially the military and security services, and organize the relationship between the center government and local governments and supports the principles of human rights and speed up legislation important laws such as oil and gas and the Federation Council and others.
For many Americans, it has supplanted the actual text of the First Amendment to the Constitution, and it has become the locus classicus of the notion that the First Amendment separated religion and the civil state, thereby mandating a strictly secular polity.
Describing the 1943 pact as the "cornerstone" in Lebanon's history and its coexistence formula, Rai said the pact led to the creation of a civil state that separated religion from state in which the Christians and Muslims participated equally in governing and administering it.
The minister's statements were made during a recent meeting between Ouda, Minister of Communications and Information Technology Atef Helmy, Minister of State for Administrative Development Ahmed Samir, and Wahid Bakri, the general administrative agent for the Civil State Organisation within the Ministry of Interior.
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