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or Tzu Hsi  (tso͞o′ shē′) 1835-1908.
The dowager empress of China (1861-1908) who was hostile to foreign influences in China and supported the Boxer Rebellion (1898-1900).
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Major companies mention in this report includes Donghai Bridge, Suizhong Offshore Wind Energy, Changdao Offshore Wind Energy, Weihai Offshore Wind Farm, Zhoushan Daishan Offshore Wind Farm, Nantong Offshore Wind Farm, Cangzhou Offshore Wind Farm, Nan Ao Offshore Wind Farm, Cixi Offshore Wind Farm and Zhangzhou Liu Ao Offshore Wind Farm.
An outbreak of dengue virus serotype 1 infection in Cixi, Ningbo, People's Republic of China, 2004, associated with a traveler from Thailand and high density of Aedes albopictus.
Empress Dowager Cixi The Concubine Who Launched Modern China.
at the restaurant in Cixi City and was put out 30 minutes later, Xinhua quoted the municipal government as saying.
Jung Chang, author of Wild Swans and Mao: The Unknown Story, will discuss her latest book, Empress Dowager Cixi, on Friday, October 17.
Fiercely intriguing, Empress Dowager Cixi was perhaps the most extravagant and certainly among the most powerful women in Chinese history.
Now she turns her attention to one of Mao's villainised predecessors, Dowager Empress Cixi.
Table 1 Full List of Guerrilla and Nonguerrilla Counties Nonguerrilla Weak Guerrilla Normal Guerrilla Strong Guerrilla County (0) County (1) County (2) County (3) An'ji Linhai Cangnan Cixi Changshan Sanmen Dongyang Fuyang Changxing Songyang Fenghua Pujiang Chun'an Tiantai Huangyan Shangyu Deqing Rande Tonglu Haining Jiaojiang Wenling Haiyan Jinhua Wuyi Jiangshan Jinyun Xianju Jiashan Lanxi Xiaoshan Kaihua Lin'an Yinxian Longquan Lishui Yongjia Longyou Ninghai Yongkang Pinghu Pan'an Yueqing Qingyuan Pingyang Yuyao Quxian Qingtian Zhuji Tongxiang Rui'an Xiangshan Shaoxing Yuhang Shengxian Suichang Taishun Wencheng Xinchang Yiwu Yuhuan Yunhe Zhenhai Sources: Various county gazettes.
Things will not worsen a lot in the second half, but neither will they improve a lot," said Ye Lianghua, vice head of trading company Ningbo Cixi Export Import Co Ltd, in China's prosperous eastern Zhejiang province.
Great hotel spas in cities around the world - Bejing Aman Spa at Aman at Summer Palace [ETH] Beijing, China As the former guesthouse of the notoriously extravagant Empress Dowager Cixi, the atmospheric Qing Dynasty surrounds of the Aman at Summer Palace resort were originally built as a royal retreat, and today the onsite spa reflects that luxurious history.
Yinhao Luo, 26, and Jiaying He, 25, both of Xiaolin Town, Cixi, Zhejiang, China.
Wang li Yun Chairman of the Zhejiang Cixi Government nomination committee which recently awarded Guardtime the 2M RMB Shanglin prize commented: We are very pleased to see the traction Guardtime is getting in this (Chinese) marketplace.