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(Placename) a town in E central Scotland, in Clackmannanshire. Pop: 3450 (2001)


(klækˈmæn ən)

a historic county in central Scotland. Also called Clack•man•nan•shire (klækˈmæn ənˌʃɪər, -ʃər)
References in classic literature ?
All night, then, we walked through the north side of the Carse under the high line of the Ochil mountains; and by Alloa and Clackmannan and Culross, all of which we avoided: and about ten in the morning, mighty hungry and tired, came to the little clachan of Limekilns.
The family, from Clackmannan, last night praised neighbours and the emergency teams for saving their little boy.
Stuart's wife Mary, of Clackmannan, described the father-of-one as a gentle man with a big heart.
Appeal judges also upheld 28-year sentences against Gary Holmes, 33, from Littlehampton, Sussex and Stanley Stewart, 33, from Clackmannan, Stirlingshire.
Graham Wi nter s , f rom Clackmannan, as been diagnosed with two different forms of cancer over the past few years.
Some councils, like SNP run Clackmannan, want to have that opportunity.
Ms Moxley, 64, from Clackmannan, Ms Zelter, 48, from Norfolk, and 45-year-old Dane Ms Roder all claimed they were acting to prevent the greater crime of nuclear war.
Speaking from her home in Clackmannan, Clacks, Tina said: "Jordan is my daughter even if the law might say otherwise.
The row blew up when Sandra began singing at A&T Food Store in Clackmannan, after the PRS said staff could not listen to a radio in the shop without paying for a performance licence.
A spokesman for Clackmannan Council confirmed that there had been an incident at the academy.
But they are steadfastly refusing to leave their home in Clackmannan, near Stirling.
Sheepish Clackmannan council were forced to made a humble apology to the angry owner.