a.1.Having no claim.
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FAISALABAD -- The Child Protection and Welfare Bureau (CPWB) rescued seven claimless children from different parts of the city.
FAISALABAD -- Child Protection and Welfare Bureau (CPWB) has rescued 29 claimless children during the last week.
The policy is know for the several effective reasons such as it is an optimized health insurance plan available at affordable rates, customers have option to choose individual or family floater health insurance, choice to pick up plan from either an annual policy or a two year policy, and a facility to get a cumulative bonus on completion of every claimless year.
Furthermore, the company also allows many other benefits to a policy buyer such as he/she can get health check-up expenses reimbursed on condition they complete 4 claimless years, enjoy a network of more than 4800+ hospitals to choose from for cashless medical treatment, no requirement of health check-up for individuals below 45 years.
But it is probably far too late to resort to a claimless patent
203) Indeed, courts can invoke this statute anytime a party proposes a realignment structure which would place one claimless party against any opposing party.
4) From the beginning of his writings Bonhoeffer identifies the "other" (whether divine or human) as the experienced locus of transcendence, drawing a person's attention away from one's own self as "totally claimless," sterile, and isolated to find authentic life and reality in surrender to the "absolute demands" of the other.
While completing a traditional multimillion-dollar, low-bid, fixed-price, construction project without any claims is somewhat unusual, completing a claimless project that mixes construction and multiple advanced technologies in the same contracting process is even more noteworthy.
While he himself is not much stirred by antiquity or nationalism--he was booed at a rally when he admitted that his chiefly Slavic republic did not descend from Alexander the Great--he would he nameless and claimless if he abandoned the "Macedonian" insignia.
Channel Incentives Optimizer - Provides capabilities for incentive rebate program modeling, testing and claimless execution management.
FAISALABAD -- Child Protection and Welfare Bureau (CPWB) rescued 15 claimless children from different parts of Faisalabad during last week.
Cashless and claimless medical services through a proprietary network of providers credentialed and appointed by International SOS around the globe - Medical case management including utilization review to provide high quality, cost-effective routine, urgent and emergency medical services - Emergency evacuation and repatriation utilizing the International SOS air rescue fleet of dedicated air ambulances and our international network of credentialed aircraft providers.