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n.1.A small inclosed pond used for gathering and greening oysters.
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It was his habit to pass the time in mental golf when Claire Fenwick was late in keeping her appointments with him.
The fact of the matter was that he had only just finished giving the father of the family his shilling, and he was afraid that Claire had seen him doing it.
I wish,' said Claire, fretfully, leading the way down the grillroom stairs, 'that you wouldn't let all London sponge on you like this.
Until six months before, when he had become engaged to Claire Fenwick, he had found nothing to quarrel with in his lot.
This evidently was one of the days on which Claire was not so sweet-tempered as on some other days.
Reducing it to its simplest terms, and forgetting for the moment that she was an extraordinarily beautiful girl--which his lordship found it impossible to do--all that it amounted to was that, her mother having but a small income, and existence in the West Kensington flat being consequently a trifle dull for one with a taste for the luxuries of life, Claire had gone on the stage.
But, Claire, you know, there are some things--what I mean is, if they like me at Brown's, it's awfully decent of them and all that, but I couldn't take advantage of it to plant a fellow like Breitstein on them.
This matter of Mr Breitstein had been touched upon by Claire in previous conversations, and it was a subject for which he had little liking.
That old American you met at Marvis Bay,' said Claire, her memory flitting back to the remark which she had interrupted; 'well, there's another case.
You haven't the pleasure of Mr Ira Nutcombe's acquaintance, Claire, or you wouldn't talk like that.
It was a silly thing to do with me, but it had the advantage that it made me acquainted with Claire de Bellegarde.
Madame de Cintre was her dearest Claire, and her especial admiration but Madame de Cintre had found it impossible to dine with her and Madame de Cintre should for once be forced gently to render tribute to Mrs.