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1. The shell of a clam.
2. Any of various devices that consist of two parts attached by a hinge and that open and close like a clamshell, especially a digging or dredging machine with a bucket that has hinged jaws or a handheld electronic device.


1. (Mechanical Engineering) chiefly US a dredging bucket that is hinged like the shell of a clam
2. (Aeronautics) aeronautics
a. an aircraft cockpit canopy hinged at the front and rear
b. the hinged door of a cargo aircraft
c. another name for eyelid2
3. any of a variety of objects hinged like the shell of a clam, such as a container for takeaway food, a portable computer, etc



1. the shell of a clam.
a. Also called clam′shell buck`et. a dredging bucket opening at the bottom, consisting of two similar pieces hinged together at the top.
b. a machine equipped with such a bucket.
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Noun1.clamshell - the shell of a clamclamshell - the shell of a clam      
shell - the hard largely calcareous covering of a mollusc or a brachiopod
2.clamshell - a dredging bucket with hinges like the shell of a clam
dredging bucket - a bucket for lifting material from a channel or riverbed
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This foldable phone is nothing like the W2018, which is basically a clamshell phone.
As per the listing, the clamshell phone believed to be the Samsung W2018, will be powered by a Snapdragon 821AB chipset.
The LG HB620T is reportedly the first clamshell phone to offer FTA Mobile TV combined with 3G+ communication, with DiBcom's fifth generation chipset able to process both DVB-T and DVB-H signals.
The clamshell phone has a built-in DVB-T tuner that's capable of picking up live Freeview signals.
The thin clamshell phone offers a digital music player, a 2-megapixel camera and a web browser.
The new phone, the SLVR L7, is a thin nonfolding phone, styled similarly to Motorola's best-selling RAZR clamshell phone.
The Z500a clamshell phone allows Cingular customers nationwide to experience advanced functionality at an affordable price.
Siemens' new CF62T is a light, cute clamshell phone that is good at the basics.
Calling all pods with Motorola's new V265 Clamshell phone.
In portrait mode it will operate as a tri-band clamshell phone, while in landscape mode you will be able to access the internet, email (there's a full QWERTY keyboard) and streaming video, along with a wide range of applications.
MiTAC said on its website the clamshell phone will come out in Europe by the end of the third quarter, although industry sources said it would more likely be the start of the fourth quarter, at between pounds 354 to pounds 375 before subsidies.