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The Lothian MSP, a former bricklayer, said: "We need more candidates who come from a working class background and who have experience of the kind of jobs that ordinary people do in our communities.
Let's get a proper Labour MP from a working class background.
My wife and I feel that coming from a working class background we have the right to state our point of view.
There is evidence to show there remains a very strong relationship between class background, in particular where they come from a background of significant deprivation, and the chances of going on to higher education," he said.
Furthermore, to reinforce this point, if you look at the history of boxing, both here and in the US, the majority of participants come from a working class background.
Patterson does not focus solely upon the horrors of war, but also touches upon savoring rare luxuries such as an honest-to-goodness hot meal and the powerful bond between officers and soldiers of the 77th Division, despite their diverse ethnic and class background.
His rise is the American Dream and follows a black man who come from a working class background to make a name for himself as commentator and observer of American values and business.
Focusing on students whose economic and class background leave a lot of room to rise, he looks at how they are prepared for failure before they arrive at college, how admissions policies favor the advantaged, why college is more difficult for low-income students, gender and race as interlocking categories of inequality, a case study of recent immigrants to America, erosion of the college image, how as group the poor benefit less from a college degree, and how society can do better.
Mr Burnham claims he is different from the other candidates, because of his northern working class background.
In one of his studies, Underachievement of White Disadvantaged Pupils in Birmingham, Mr Iqbal showed there was a correlation in a child from a white British working class background not attaining high grades at GCSE level and the voting patterns of the neighbourhood.
I am proud to be from a Welsh working class background and can state that he was given the information about Tremorfa by a resident in a light-hearted way and encouraged by the mainly Welsh audience, who not only enjoyed the obvious comedy involved but felt a part of it.