Class meeting

(Methodist Church) a meeting of a class under the charge of a class leader, for counsel and relegious instruction.

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The Company advises that the ordinary resolution, as outlined below, put to the members of ZDP Shares at the Class Meeting of the Company held today was duly passed:
The record date for entitlement to notice of each of the Class Meeting or Series Meetings is October 17, 2014 (the Record Date).
These evaluations were conducted on the first class meeting and the last class meeting after the students had completed their final examination.
When talking is not productive, children are advised to move away from the other person and, if need be, sign up for discussion time at a class meeting.
Our facilities offer over 150,000 square feet of first class meeting space along with innovative, high quality banqueting and all the technical capabilities to meet your most demanding requirements.
At the beginning of the school year, I introduced the class meeting format outlined by Nelsen et al.
Meeting, ZDP Class Meeting, Ordinary Class Meeting and General Meeting
Jilin announces that the special class meeting of holders of Jilin H shares (the "H Share Class Meeting") was duly held on 31 December 2005, during which the special resolutions proposed in relation to the voluntary withdrawal of the listings of the Jilin H Shares and Jilin ADSs from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange ("HKSE") and the New York Stock Exchange ("NYSE"), respectively (the special resolutions together, the "Delisting Resolutions"), were duly passed by way of poll.
For example, I'll ask them to read for three hours before every class meeting.
Students can register in the classroom during any class meeting beginning TuesdaySept.
The dependent variable was measured by a teaching assistant who counted the number of students in the classroom at the beginning of each class meeting (2:00 p.
However, faculty must have the ability to choose when to allow wireless access -- for a single class meeting, all classes, or multiple classes, and they must be able to allow access to be granted during class.