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Noun1.classical architecture - architecture influenced by the ancient Greeks or Romansclassical architecture - architecture influenced by the ancient Greeks or Romans
cyma, cymatium - (architecture) a molding for a cornice; in profile it is shaped like an S (partly concave and partly convex)
architectural style, style of architecture, type of architecture - architecture as a kind of art form
Greek architecture - the architecture of ancient Greece
Roman architecture - the architecture of ancient Rome
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Certainly it proved attractive to HRH the Prince of Wales, a wellknown and highly regarded champion of classic architecture.
The property is filled with classic architecture and has a lavish five acres of grounds in the Welsh capital's leafy suburb.
Introduced into the island during the 1940s, the Palm Beach Regency style -- inspired by the Beaux -Arts movement -- was translated into less costly stucco construction for a tropical classic architecture.
To draw attention to classic architecture, a row of of capiz star parol cascade down the Doric column.
And it is the mix of classic architecture on the outside with the ultra-modern design of the inside that has potential buyers buzzing.
The design was inspired by the classic architecture of pre-war Park and Fifth Avenue buildings, but with more space and amenities, making this the perfect residence for today's modern family," Klaris said.
The company specialises in bespoke renovation projects - extraordinary sites and developments which have allowed BJD to reinstate classic architecture back to its former glory.
As well, designs will be inspired by classic architecture and stonework to create statuesque silhouettes and dramatic movements from materials such as satin and silk.
With the new property, we are bringing to life the impressive aesthetics of classic architecture in an urban resort that offers great connectivity to all key attractions in Dubai.
How do you visually unite classic architecture with a contemporary, glass-enclosed aesthetic?
Mr Nalini added, "The classic architecture of a compressor rack supplying the refrigerated cases with long distribution lines can be replaced by HEOS Sistema, featuring remote showcases fitted with variable speed BLDC compressors cooled by a water loop.
IF classic architecture and elegant design are your thing then this beautiful, traditional Victorian home will be right up your street.