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n.1.One who adheres to what he thinks the classical canons of art.
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of North Florida) explores what educational practices and the debates over them reveals about the negotiation of modernity and tradition in the construction of identity for the Classicalist Islamic community of East Java, Indonesia.
But all-in-all the Classicalists were far from moribund, and quite other than unimaginative spotters of parallels.
The Classicalists were also innovative, or at least receptive of others' innovations, as is seen in the prompt recognition that Connop Thirlwall's 1833 explication of Sophoclean irony, in an essay in the Philological Museum, constituted a major discovery--a discovery that seemed to endorse Hegelian contrasts in addition to placing the dramatist (and the audience, who of course were all familiar with the myth being narrated) in a position exterior to the action.