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When I hear the music that accompanies the claudicant utterances of Alberich, Mime, and Beckmesser, I can associate them with racism and antisemitism only because I am able to explicate them in a literary context-whether that be the theoretical essays or the operatic librettos- which then gives meaning to the purely musical figures, (p.
The fate of the claudicant: a prospective study of 1969 claudicants.
A diligent clinical appraisal of the claudicant is essential considering that not all symptoms are associated with PAD.
If these criteria are fulfilled, a definite claudicant is one who indicates pain in the calf, regardless of whether pain is also marked in other sites; a diagnosis of atypical claudication is made if pain is indicated in the thigh or buttock, in the absence of any calf pain.
Dyslipidemia Treatment: Several reports have indicated that statins also improve pain-free walking distance and ambulatory activity in claudicants through a mechanism independent of their cholesterol-lowering properties.
Cramps and muscular pain: prevention with pycnogenol in normal subjects, venous patients, athletes, claudicants and in diabetic microangiopathy.
Time-to-event analyses including the primary endpoints were conducted using Kaplan-Meier methods; 624 subjects had a six-month follow-up and primary patency in claudicants was 94.
Primary and secondary patency rates were markedly higher in claudicants than in patients treated for critical limb ischemia.
It benefits occlusive vascular diseases, ischemic ulcers, acts as critical limb salvage to prevent limb amputation, reduces the walking pain of claudicants, preserves the liver, and as a potent anti-inflammatory, reduces arthritic pain.
A six year prospective study of fibrinogen and other risk factors associated with mortality in stable claudicants.