Claudio Monteverdi

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Noun1.Claudio Monteverdi - Italian composer (1567-1643)
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Planning for the decontamination work and adaptation of the Music Conservatory Claudio Monteverdi in Bolzano.
Claudio Monteverdi Aidan O'Brien 4th, 1m two-year-old maiden, Leopardstown, October 24 Aidan O'Brien emptied the boxes for the four maidens run at Leopardstown over the weekend and there were a few Ballydoyle candidates who could have made it on to this page, but this is the colt we'll settle for.
Composers featured on the program include Naji Hakim, Grigor Arakelian, Max Reger, Hugo Wolf, Maurice Ravel, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Claudio Monteverdi.
00pm Venue: St Patrick's Catholic Cathedral St Patrick's Catholic Cathedral, Armagh will be filled with the sights and sounds of 17th Century Venice with a performance of the Vespers of 1610 by Claudio Monteverdi.
The chapter ends with a reflection on Renaissance musical petrarchism that culminates in an analysis of the 1614 madrigal version of Petrarch's sonnet Zefiro torna by the composer who best epitomizes this movement, Claudio Monteverdi.
Tuesday evening brings Monteverdi's Flying Circus to the cathedral, with the Armonico Consort, a musical documentary recreating the last years in the life of Claudio Monteverdi, the world's first operatic genius.
2) is a haunting likeness of a sombre-faced man, in late middle age, resembling the great composer Claudio Monteverdi but more likely to be Tristano Martinelli, an actor of the day.
A CARNIVAL atmosphere will help bring the story of opera revolutionary Claudio Monteverdi to life in the latest venture by Warwickshire vocal ensemble Armonico Consort.
The first programme features Venice, where composer Antonio Vivaldi was born in 1678 and composer Claudio Monteverdi died in 1643.
CONCERT: Experience live choral music by Claudio Monteverdi presented with videos of Mannerist art from the Italian Renaissance.
It is associated with composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, Jean-Baptiste Lully, George Frideric Handel, Arcangelo Corelliy, Claudio Monteverdi, Jean-Philippe Rameau and Henry Purcell.