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Claudius 1

, Appius Full name Appius Claudius Crassus. fl. fifth century bc.
Roman decemvir (451-449) whose actions provoked a plebian revolt and the overthrow of the decemvirs.

Claudius 2

, Appius Full name Appius Claudius Caecus. fl. fourth-third century bc.
Roman censor and consul who built the first Roman aqueduct and began construction of the Appian Way.


(Biography) full name Tiberius Claudius Drusus Nero Germanicus. 10 bc–54 ad, Roman emperor (41–54); invaded Britain (43); poisoned by his fourth wife, Agrippina


(ˈklɔ di əs)
1. Claudius I, 10 B.C. – A.D. 54, Roman emperor A.D. 41–54.
2. Claudius II, ( “Gothicus” ) A.D. 214–270, Roman emperor 268–270.
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Noun1.Claudius - Roman Emperor after his nephew Caligula was murderedClaudius - Roman Emperor after his nephew Caligula was murdered; consolidated the Roman Empire and conquered southern Britain; was poisoned by his fourth wife Agrippina after her son Nero was named as Claudius' heir (10 BC to AD 54)


[ˈklɔːdɪəs] NClaudio
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Claudius had seduced Gertrude, and a few weeks before the play opens murdered King Hamlet in the way revealed in Act I.
Why does Hamlet delay in killing King Claudius after the revelation by his father's Ghost in I iv?
In the earlier versions of the story Claudius was surrounded by guards, so that Hamlet could not get at him.
In Shakspere's play (and probably in the older play from which he drew), Claudius does not know that Hamlet is aware of his guilt; hence Hamlet's pretense of madness is not only useless but foolish, for it attracts unnecessary attention to him and if discovered to be a pretense must suggest that he has some secret plan, that is, must suggest to Claudius that Hamlet may know the truth.
Suggestions on details (the line numbers are those adopted in the 'Globe' edition and followed in most others): I, ii: Notice particularly the difference in the attitude of Hamlet toward Claudius and Gertrude respectively and the attitude of Claudius toward him.
Livia Augusta, still alive at the time of the play, and there referred to as 'the great Augusta,' was mother of Tiberius and a Drusus (now dead) by a certain Tiberius Claudius Nero (not the Emperor Nero).
Claudius Caesar hath set me here Rome's Deputy to be.
You must except, nevertheless, Marcus Antonius, the half partner of the empire of Rome, and Appius Claudius, the decemvir and lawgiver; whereof the former was indeed a voluptuous man, and inordinate; but the latter was an austere and wise man: and therefore it seems (though rarely) that love can find entrance, not only into an open heart, but also into a heart well fortified, if watch be not well kept.
Mahomet, that he might make the best use of his victory, ranged over a great part of Abyssinia in search of the Emperor Claudius, who was then in the kingdom of Dambia.
You must have observed, gentlemen," said he, "an ignorant and a blatant ass, with a rasping throat and a countenance expressive of low malignity, who went through - I will not say sustained - the role (if I may use a French expression) of Claudius King of Denmark.
Yes," said Monte Cristo, "I have heard that; but, as Claudius said to Hamlet, `it is a law of nature; their fathers died before them, and they mourned their loss; they will die before their children, who will, in their turn, grieve for them.
Beth Morris, best known for her roles as Drusilla in I Claudius, Dora in David Copperfield and Evalina Williams in The District Nurse, among many other roles, was found in her home at Y Garn, Penllergaer, by a lifelong friend on St David's Day.