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a.1.Destitute of claws.
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I like you a big bit -- and I think you're a dear, sweet, adorable, velvety, clawless, little -- kitten," laughed Anne, "but I don't see when you ever get time to learn your lessons.
In the day you rise in your strength, toothless and clawless, you will be as harmless as any army of clams.
The clawless crabs were provided with 6 ribbed mussels (3 in the 30-mm size class and 3 in the 40-mm size class), 3 scorched mussels (Brachidontes exustus), and 3 acorn barnacles for 48 h.
The global body is a toothless and clawless organization, which only acts on the whims and wishes of a chosen few.
Even without two more of their leading lights, with Ross Barkley and John Stones both rested, Everton had too much for the clawless Tigers.
With Stephane Sessegnon unsettled and Jozy Altidore hamstrung, with Wickham bullying the flat tracks of the Capital One Cup and Ji unable to rise to even that, the Black Cats appear clawless.
Soon the girls turned to leave, armored with their susurrations, and I remained, clawless, pacing in the dark.
Lobsters can grow to more than 3ft but the slipper lobster, a type of clawless lobster, can be a few inches long ?
The head and body of a clawless, steamed lobster took up half the plate.