Clay Henry

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, Henry Known as "the Great Compromiser." 1777-1852.
American politician who pushed the Missouri Compromise through the US House of Representatives (1820) in an effort to reconcile free and slave states.
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a remote border town in Texas has elected three successive generations of goats as mayor, starting with Clay Henry in the 1980s, who was known to drink as many as 40 beers a day.
Other than Mattingly, the team that creates "Sports Talk" includes a full-time producer, a part-time assistant producer, Mattingly's co-hosts Dudley Dawson and Clay Henry of Hawgs Illustrated and Mattingly's business partner, Steve Graves.
The management team of MWMPB, reporting to John Eisele, includes Mikkalya Murray, Executive Vice President of HNC and head of Private Banking at MWMPB; Clay Henry, Executive Vice President of HNC, who leads the investment and wealth management portion of MWMPB; and David R.
But at least the accused was spared the lynch mob who wanted justice when they heard what happened to Mayor Clay Henry III - a beer-drinking goat.
As Graystone continues to expand the selection of products and services we offer, we need a broker-dealer that can support our growth," said Clay Henry, president of Graystone Wealth Management.