Clay mill

a mill for mixing and tempering clay; a pug mill.

See also: Clay

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It will be housed on the entire third floor of the Henry Clay Mill and will focus on the company's achievements in the 20th Century and beyond.
Staffordshire Police said flooding on the A38 near Burton-upon-Trent caused severe congestion yesterday, completely closing the northbound carriageway between Barton and Clay Mills.
Primarily cowritten by Grammy Award nominee Clay Mills, Learn To Live also benefits heavily from the production aplomb of Nashville vet Frank Rogers.
They died when the car they were in was hit by Murray's 40-ton articulated lorry on the A38 at Clay Mills near Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, in January this year.
The album, which was released as a digital download on March 14, is set for release in stores June 6 and includes the leadoff single, I Don't, which Danielle penned with Burton Collins and Clay Mills.
Tarus offers digitizing packages for five-axis clay mills and three-axis portable clay mills and CMMs.
He died near Burton-upon-Trent last Friday following a collision with a dark blue BMW estate car on the southbound exit slip road of the A38 at Clay Mills.
The prosecution claims the 51-year-old father-of-one had been making a mobile phone call to his wife while attempting to overtake along a dual carriageway of the A38 at Clay Mills roundabout near Burton-upon-Trent in January this year, seconds before the tragedy.
Cracked track at Clay Mills, near Derby - where trains hit 120mph - was 465 days past deadline.
Mr Kenny and the BMW were leaving the A38 at Clay Mills when the crash happened at about 1.
It was alleged that 51-year-old Robert Murray was plugging his phone into a charger after calling his wife when the collision happened on the southbound carriageway of the A38, in Clay Mills, Staffordshire.