Clean hands

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freedom from guilt, esp. from the guilt of dishonesty in money matters, or of bribe taking.

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It's a clean hand now; shake it -- don't be afeard.
I'm excited about taking part in Sparkle's Clean Hands Month program, which teaches children simple hygiene lessons at an early age.
ATLANTA, July 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Clean Hands Safe Hands' award winning hand hygiene monitoring system received a patent for its Natural Language Voice Reminder(TM) and its variable detection range technology.
to do politics with very clean hands, this state merely needs morals, lustration, a new constitution and we will stand up for this," Elezov has explained.
The Labour Party doesn't have clean hands after some of the scrapes it got into, although it's worth noting trade unions are far more open and transparent than loaded individuals.
Smear campaigns and assaults against the prosecutors, their isolation, accusations that the investigations were politically motivated and claims that American secret agents were involved all surfaced during the Clean Hands operation in Italy, he said.
But behind it is a serious message as the video is being used as a reminder to staff of the importance of clean hands, as well as an illustration of the correct way for the public to keep their hands clean.
The club is helping to tacKle poor hygiene by spreading the message that clean hands are vital to prevent the spread of colds, flu, tummy bugs and more serious infections such as MRSA.
Kimberly-Clark says that its Kleenex Clean Hands Care Program will be unveiled at the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) 40th annual conference.
Company's Scrubbers can be used to clean hands, tools, equipment, boots, workspaces, and other surfaces that inevitably get dirty during construction and repair projects.
nuns represented by the Leadership Conference of Women Religious come to their discussions with at least routinely clean hands.
The hospital mascot 'Habib the Hand' was at hand to educate children on the benefits of clean hands and the importance of soap hand washing.