Clear breach

See under Breach, n., 4.

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But FA sources said evidence that the players were paid for forecasting the results of games still showed a clear breach of their rules.
Donohue was suspended by the Galway GAC for six months and that appeal was upheld by the Connacht Council, but Athenry claim they now have evidence that there was a clear breach of rules by the Galway GAC.
He told Hamilton Sheriff Court: "Mr Chisholm's behaviour on this occasion was amounting to a clear breach of the peace.
Unionists on the policing board objected to the appointment, claiming none of the three was up to the job - a clear breach of confidentiality rules.
Kerr has claimed that the comments are "defamatory" and "a clear breach of an agreement between him and the Association which he had entered into in good faith.
Viewers saw bottles of wine uncorked on air and, in a clear breach of product placement rules, were told they came from Majestic.
And last night the FA put the Upton Park club on the spot by pointing out that the failure of stewards to stop the chants, and shouts of "Sieg Heil" and "Heil Hitler", on a concourse was a clear breach of ground regulations.
Passing sentence, Judge Thomas Dillon, QC said: "This was a clear breach of duty to your employers.
The Commission expected that the situation would not be repeated, as this was a clear breach of the Code.
The only reason that the council won't allow Neil into the school is because he is a boy and that is a clear breach of the Sex Discrimination Act.
Here was a clear breach of trust and the church should make its position crystal clear.
He added: "It was a clear breach of security standards.