Clear stuff

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boards, planks, etc., free from knots.
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But when a reporter went there during the day on Wednesday and ordered a pint of the clear stuff it did not appear on the receipt.
Dr Daniel Hall-Flavin advises a glass of water before bed-time, as well as matching every beer or wine with a glass of the clear stuff during your night to replace the fluid you lose during those regular toilet trips.
Clear stuff indeed, as the deputy chief of staff of an organisation that caused bloodshed and wrought havoc in the Greek Cypriot community, would have us believe.
If we don't clear stuff out, the lump gets bigger and bigger, until potentially it takes over our space and our lives.
Remember that period during the 1990s when clear stuff was in?
The origins of this fad can be traced to Japan where oxygen bars started supplying commuters and city dwellers with a blast of the clear stuff to revitalise the hectic office day.
Her studio was hung with cellophane curtains; there were nets, beads, and see-through clear stuff all over the place.