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Flexibility, extensibility, performance and cost-efficiency are key system requirements for clearing banks to stay competitive and develop attractive clearing services as the new regulatory landscape evolves.
In the tri-party repo market, this intraday financing is provided by the clearing banks.
The desire of the main clearing banks to conserve capital in the face of uncertain debt markets is severely constraining for businesses, despite much bank rhetoric to the contrary.
Detectives are trying to find out what the proceeds of the alleged attack on UK clearing banks were used for.
Four men, originally held under the Terrorism Act, were charged yesterday with conspiring to defraud clearing banks.
The working group will explore ways the two major clearing banks could substitute for each other if the services of either were interrupted or terminated.
Abbey said the 18-month recruitment drive was in order to challenge the "big four" clearing banks - Lloyds, HSBC, Barclays and Royal Bank of Scotland - in the business banking and finance markets.
McNair said Scottish clearing banks plan to end the January 2 holiday and move the August one from the beginning of the month to the end.
Clearing banks may also implement an automated signature verification system or visual verification by comparing the image with the original signature card to determine authenticity of the client signature.
The sound clearing system is a critical factor for expanding the cross-border use of RMB and promoting the offshore RMB markets, while overseas RMB clearing banks are the key hub for inbound and outbound flows of RMB.
To do so would take you into a market place where I believe funding already exists, certainly through HSBC, and where you might pick up the rump end of the lending that clearing banks won't want to do.
The launch is likely to be facilitated by a deal with one of the clearing banks and another institution that will provide national distribution.