Cleft grafting

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(Hort.) a method of grafting in which the scion is placed in a cleft or slit in the stock or stump made by sawing off a branch, usually in such a manaer that its bark evenly joins that of the stock.

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However, modified cleft grafting generally gave better results for most of the growth parameters in both cultivars.
For cleft and modified cleft grafting, a slit was made down the centre of either the rootstock (cleft) or scion (modified cleft) by a razor blade and a long tapered wedge was made on the opposing piece.
Grafting tools also have a heavy-duty blade and a wedge that are useful in cleft grafting.
adventitious root bench grafting bridge grafting cleft grafting clone hardwood cutting herbaceous stem cutting in vitro interstock leaf-bud cutting leaf cutting micropropagules polarity root cutting rootstock scion semi-hardwood cutting side grafting softwood cutting splice grafting whip-and-tongue grafting
Major types of grafting techniques include splice grafting, whip-and-tongue grafting, cleft grafting, bench grafting, side grafting, and bridge grafting (Fig.
whip-and-tongue and cleft grafting, were performed.
28cm, respectively), in which both combinations were grafted using the cleft grafting technique.
As to the methods, cleft grafting helped to increase the number of leaves and masses of the aerial part (graft buds) and roots (Table 1).
However, for branches that were stored between the months of September and December, cleft grafting promoted a greater length of grafts (Table 2).
Until the moment the grafting is accomplished in the winter by cleft grafting (PIO et al.
The experiment design was a 3x5 factorial (grafting methods - summer budding, winter budding and cleft grafting x quince cultivars - 'Provence', 'Mendoza Inta-37', 'Portugal', 'Smyrna' and 'Japones'), in randomized blocks with four replicates of ten grafts per plot.