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Noun1.Cleridae - beetles that prey on other insects
arthropod family - any of the arthropods
clerid, clerid beetle - predacious on other insects; usually brightly colored or metallic
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Wood (1982) also cited the coleopteran families Cleridae, Colydiidae (= Zopheridae), Cucujidae, Elateridae, Histeridae, Cybocephalidae, Rhizophagidae (Monotomidae), Staphylinidae, and Trogositidae as reported by Chamberlin (1939) as major predators of Scolytidae.
The Cleridae are represented by Necrobia rufipes De Geer, an omnivorous species that, once the succession started, likely came to the carrion in order to feed on dipterous eggs or larvae.
15 Coleoptera Cleridae Necrobia rufipes 16 Coleoptera Histeridae * 17 Coleoptera Dermestidae * 17 Diptera Drosophilidae Drosophila spp.