Cliffs Notes

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Cliffs′ Notes`

Trademark. a series of pamphlets with summaries and basic analyses of works of literature, intended as study aids.
[after Cliff Hillegass, founder of Cliffs Notes, Inc.]
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Doughney (3) misinterpreted the Second Circuit's requirements for establishing a parody in Cliffs Notes, Inc.
This graphic novel should not be used as a substitute for Cliffs Notes, or even for reading the book.
There I was Saturday afternoon, sitting in a 1905 Victorian cottage, trying to understand Shakespeare's "Richard III" by reading Cliffs Notes.
The pressure is such that I found myself reading David Brooks's latest book not for his humorous dissection of suburbanites but as Cliffs Notes from which I might pick up brand recommendations.
The programme offers the company high-margin products, with its Spark Notes line providing an 80% margin compared with the 50% margin from John Wiley's Cliffs Notes line, Publishers Weekly reports.
Rather than seeming derivative, the book is a veritable primer on postmodernism, a metafictional homage to everyone who's written countercultural essays in the form of metafictional novels, an entertaining set of Cliffs Notes for every undergraduate who hasn't read the overstuffed masterworks of the last forty years.
If ever an artist deserves Cliffs Notes, it's Verne Dawson.
Like Cliffs Notes in high school, they help facilitators and group members prepare for the meeting, they also add structure to the discussion and help navigate the conversation.
DAVE: I need Cliffs Notes to follow Bill's references to 19th-century British poets and analogies about life.
Anyone who has attended high school or college has some familiarity with the bright yellow and black striped study aids - Cliffs Notes - now appearing in supermarkets.
Gary Carey, editor of Cliffs Notes - the company that produces the yellow-and-black study guides hidden in student book bags - says that "education is going multicultural everywhere.
ABC's effort, ``Have No Fear: The Life of Pope John Paul II,'' essentially serves as the Cliffs Notes for CBS' ``Pope John Paul II.