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n.1.A cliff.
That gainst the craggy clifts did loudly roar.
- Spenser.
1.A cleft of crack; a narrow opening.
2.The fork of the legs; the crotch.
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Clift many years ago showed that the fossil mammals from the Australian caves were closely allied to the living marsupials of that continent.
Tom Clift, who worked on Coventry and Warwickshire's 2012 activities for seven years and played a key role in bringing Olympic football to the Ricoh Arena, recently returned to the area to head up Engage
July 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Brooks Institute, the California-based school for students pursuing careers in the visual, new media and communication arts, has announced Edward Clift as president and Victoria Liptak as provost.
At BNP Paribas, Clift will run a PR team within the wider UK marketing team.
AFTER seeing the pictures of the film stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Cary Grant, Judy Garland, etc, in the ECHO (April 14), travelling on the cruise ships in the '40s/'50s, I have a picture in the book of actor Montgomery Clift pulling one of his many dangerous "hanging" pranks when he was going back to New York on the Queen Elizabeth.
Cancer Council Queensland spokeswoman Katie Clift said that it is important to promote the dangers that third-hand smoke poses to human health on World No Tobacco Day on Saturday.
DOUBLE TAKE Neil Clulow is no ringer for Karen Clift
Kelly Clift, 40, had divorced Carl Gallagher but was later reunited with him during a 'turbulent' 22 year relationship.
Daniel Thomas Clift threatened a woman with an 18in (46cm) blade, telling her he was going to kill her, a court heard.
Courtney Clift and his partner Emma Bradley were both arrested when police raided their home in Lemington, Newcastle, in June 2011.
The prospect of mining has divided the town of 12,000, including members of the extended Clift clan.
But when motorist Mary Clift spotted the patrol near Harthill, Lanarkshire, she stopped.