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n.1.A cliff.
That gainst the craggy clifts did loudly roar.
- Spenser.
1.A cleft of crack; a narrow opening.
2.The fork of the legs; the crotch.
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Clift many years ago showed that the fossil mammals from the Australian caves were closely allied to the living marsupials of that continent.
In a note on the accounts, Brims' commercial director Ian Clift said the company had increased its margins after seeing improvements in its supply chain and an easing in the construction industry's skills availability.
JEAN Clift (Readhead) claimed the Northern Women's Bowling Association's Two-Bowl Champion of Champions title.
STEPHANIE Clift (left) is joining the UK tour of The Wedding Singer.
John Clift, 54, was driving a patient transport vehicle on the A499 near Pwllheli on April 28, 2016, when he fell ill: his vehicle crashed into another ambulance.
Alasdair Clift, from Irby, is attempting to visit all 270 stops on the Tube map for his big brother, Adam, who died in March of lymphoma, just a month before his 18th birthday.
Within that industry are many managers plying many different strategies, but when it comes to advisors, "they want the strategies [and] they want the simplicity of one statement" that a UMA can provide, said Tim Clift, Envestnet | PMC's chief investment strategist and a member of the awards committee that named 17 strategies as finalists in the 12th annual SMA Managers of the Year honors (click here for a list of the finalists and a description of the process by which they, and the winners, were picked).
At BNP Paribas, Clift will run a PR team within the wider UK marketing team.
Cancer Council Queensland spokeswoman Katie Clift said that it is important to promote the dangers that third-hand smoke poses to human health on World No Tobacco Day on Saturday.
DOUBLE TAKE Neil Clulow is no ringer for Karen Clift
Kelly Clift, 40, had divorced Carl Gallagher but was later reunited with him during a 'turbulent' 22 year relationship.
Daniel Thomas Clift threatened a woman with an 18in (46cm) blade, telling her he was going to kill her, a court heard.