Clinical instruction

instruction by means of clinics.

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Three open-ended questions regarding educational materials used, instructor/student ratio during clinical instruction and recommendations for improvement of the oral health component of the nursing assistant curricula were added to the end of the survey.
The first delves into nineteenth-century Viennese asylumdom: it includes debates about clinical instruction, asylum reform, and rising rates of mental illness, as well as the planning and construction of the asylum Am Steinhof, which opened in 1907.
However, 29% (n = 5) of program directors reported clinical instruction time of 8 hours or less.
Farkash is a senior lecturer in BGUs Leon and Mathilde Recanati School for Community Health Professions and coordinator of the community health nursing academic program, where she teaches theoretical and clinical instruction at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
Examples of this type of personal patient interaction, according to ReCept, include, but are not limited to, medical management, clinical instruction, benefits investigation and financial assistance.
Ad hoc clinical instruction tends to be centered around the patient, with most of the trainee-preceptor interaction focusing on patient treatment issues rather than the trainee's educational needs.
More importantly, simulation can be substituted for up to 50% nursing students' clinical instruction (Hayden, Smiley, Alexander, Kardong-Edgren, & Jeffries, 2014).
Over thirty years of teaching Respiratory Care has brought me to the unwavering belief that the quality of our product lies in the quality of our clinical instruction.
Among the requirements are the completion of a training program consisting of 76 hours of lectures and 60 hours of clinical instruction, a written exam and an oral and practical exam.
Clinical instruction in prelicensure nursing programs.
The Task Force to Study Implications of Growth of Nursing Education Programs in Texas met on June 13, 2014 to address charges to develop a guideline for optimal clinical instruction and to provide an analysis of findings from the 2013 Nursing Education Program Information Survey (NEPIS) related to required clinical hours in prelicensure nursing education programs.
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