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a.1.(Anat.) Like a bed; - applied to several processes on the inner side of the sphenoid bone.
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The particular emphasis of the cranial work was on the following locations: where those cranial nerves cross the borders of tentorium cerebelli, as they pass through cavernous sinus, where the particularly vulnerable spot was, the fibro-osseous canal beneath the posterior clinoid processes, at sutura petrobasilaris, and where those nerves enter the orbit through fissure orbital is superior.
Other variants include aeration of the medial pterygoid process (44%), anterior clinoid process (13%) and posterior orbital wall (Fig.
The intracavernous part of CN III enters the cavernous sinus by piercing the dura lateral to the posterior clinoid process (Fig.
Pneumatization may extend into the greater and lesser wings of the sphenoid or pterygoid process and the anterior clinoid process; it can also extend into the occipital bone.
Meningiomas in this region originate from the tuberculum sella, anterior clinoid processes, diaphragma sellae, planum sphenoidale and upper clivus (Figure 9).
4 cm diameter extra-axial fat-containing mass with scattered intralesional calcific deposits centered near the anterior clinoid process and overlying the superior orbital fissure (Figure 1).
Its posterior border is marked by the petroclinoidal (petrosphenoidal or Gruber's) ligament extending between the petrous apex and posterior clinoid process of the sphenoid.
3,4) These tumors most often arise from the sphenoid wing, but additional sites include clinoid, planum sphenoidale, frontoparietal area, and olfactory groove.
This abnormal and extensive thickening of the bone extended from the sphenoid wing down to the anterior clinoid process with some thickening of the bone around the optic canal.