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Noun1.Bill Clinton - 42nd President of the United States (1946-)Bill Clinton - 42nd President of the United States (1946-)
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Demographics have changed to the point that the coalition behind George McGovern--which even Clintonite Democrats like Paul Begala not long ago dismissed as "eggheads and African Americans"--can now win national majorities.
One of the creative voices looking for new answers is, perhaps surprisingly, that old Clintonite, Larry Summers.
First-time authors Diana Renn and Erin Cashman, and former Clintonite Gina Rosati will be at the Bigelow Free Public Library on Thursday, May 1, at 7 p.
This Clintonite frustration with the Europeans over Iraq followed closely an earlier frustration over European reluctance to take the lead in Bosnia, and preceded a later Clintonite frustration with European hesitancy during the war over Kosovo.
This is a point that Cran Torino emphasizes by reaching back past the let's-all-be-friends Clintonite 90s and the deliberately amnesiac and reality-denying Reaganile 80s to the traumatic decade of the 1970s.
I knew that there was huge influence, but as presented by Moore, the controlling cabal appears to be the Goldman Sachs players, the old Clintonite boys who manipulated the markets and the politicians to enable their own hundreds of millions in earnings.
Presenting the contents of his website cataloguing such names, he traces the origins of some 250 molecule, mineral, protein, enzyme, and gene names including: erotic acid (not an aphrodisiac), spamol (an anti- spasmodic), DAMN (acronym for diaminaleonitrile), penguinone (after the shape of its chemical structure), and Clintonite (no relation to the former president).
Apart from the fact this is not a good reason to make such an intimate Clintonite as Hilary Clinton secretary of state, it also reflects a lethargy among the big nuclear powers, the US, Russia, the UK, France and China, that comes to us all when passion dies and routine takes over.
7) Roth-Douquet, "a former agitator, feminist, Ivy Leaguer," and Clintonite has led a life of political activism and democratic service.
Former Clintonite Larry Summers expresses great personal anguish that "the share of the pie may even be shrinking for vast segments of the middle class.
officials described as "proof" that the North had a secret uranium-enrichment program, undercutting Clintonite claims that Kim Jong Il was adhering to a pledge not to advance his nuclear program.
The Clintonite view that only facts have truth-value and that interpretation is infinitely pliable is what makes it possible to censor "The Path to 9/11" while leaving the media conversation to be dominated by the most appalling lies and falsehoods being peddled by conspiracy theorists of either the respectable or the less respectable kind.