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Noun1.Bill Clinton - 42nd President of the United States (1946-)Bill Clinton - 42nd President of the United States (1946-)
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Americans would globalize free institutions and economic interdependence, but would not commit substantial military forces anywhere, thus leading to a variety of ineffective half-measures, in Somalia and Kosovo, for example, which made hawks on the right see the Clintonites as amateurs (pages 145-49).
Most of his big proposals were designed in the Clinton administration or by Clintonites.
6,2012, Clintonites Allida Black and Adam Parkomenko began preparations for the 2016 election with plans for a virtual national campaign, "Ready for Hillary.
From a libertarian perspective, '90s progressives were good on issues the New Democrats stunk up (particularly criminal justice and the drug war) and bad on those that made the Clintonites worthwhile, such as lowering trade barriers and restraining federal budget growth.
Had the Clintonites taken my advice, they would not only have halved the dollar's yen value--taking it from around 100 yen as the book went to press to well below 50--but they would have made similarly aggressive devaluations against other East Asian currencies.
to people who are Clintonites," Politico quoted Gingrich, as saying.
The other day, innocently writing a story about a bunch of Clinton Red Sox fans going to opening day in Boston, I referred to people who live in Clinton as Clintonites.
That impression was reinforced by his choice of advisors, many of whom like Lawrence Summers, were retooled Clintonites who were thought to be on the conservative wing of the Democratic Party.
But with former Clintonites, now in Obama's service, calling the former Israeli prime minister "insufferable", perhaps Washington may prefer Livni, a woman free of the taint of corruption, who proved a loyal partner to outgoing US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice, who ran talks with Palestinian President Abbas, and who lacks Bibi's "political baggage".
20 Hawks, Clintonites and Neocons to Watch for in Obama's White House.
Putin has abruptly pulled the presidential campaign up from preoccupation with plumbing the shallows of John Edwards and wondering what "catharsis" is "owed" to disappointed Clintonites.
The Obama fundraising event -- in which he raised more than $5 million for his campaign and the DNC -- brought together a number of former Clintonites who are now part of the Obama team.