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clip art

Ready-made pieces of printed or computerized graphic art, such as illustrations, borders, and backgrounds, that can be electronically copied and used to decorate a document.

clip art



(Computer Science) a large collection of simple drawings stored in a computer from which items can be selected for incorporation into documents

clip′ art`

drawings or illustrations available, as in a book or on a CD-ROM, for easy insertion into other material.
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Noun1.clip art - ready-made pieces of computerized graphic art that can be used to decorate a document
computer graphics - the pictorial representation and manipulation of data by a computer
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Within a few years, the company had one of the largest collections of clip-art books in the world, with volumes on every aspect of design and illustration.
The bundle includes a comprehensive, expandable clip-art gallery and the ability to incorporate any multimedia or file type.
It includes numerous tutorials, templates, and "cut-and-paste" clip-art items.
Other typeface names include: "House Arrest," "Burnt House," "Condemned House," and "Poorhouse," along with clip-art of automatic weapons, switchblades, pepper spray, and bullets.
But he also either simply took a wrong stylistic turn someplace (opting for emphatic geometric shapes ordered on grids, instead of letting the act of painting dictate more of the composition, a la de Kooning), or got bogged down in what became a trademark mystical uplift (using shapes - circles and diamonds with concave edges - that seem like they came from a clip-art catalogue for mystics).
Media-Rich Notepad with Scrollable Notes, Bundled Clip-Art And