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Noun1.clock tower - a tower with a large clock visible high up on an outside faceclock tower - a tower with a large clock visible high up on an outside face
tower - a structure taller than its diameter; can stand alone or be attached to a larger building
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Atherton's signature 'social' dining experience offered through his 17 restaurants will be reflected in an eight-course tasting menu at Marina Social, each dish offering a taste of his famed deformalised fine dining, found from his London flagship Pollen Street Social to Esquina in Singapore, Hong Kong's 22 Ships and The Clocktower in New York.
The Clocktower was >home to more than 50 creators for the weekend IWAS going to write along and thorough piece about everything you can do at the Lakes Comic Art Festival, but there is just too much to get in.
A gathering is also planned for a release at the Clocktower, Seaton Carew at 7pm.
Recent transactions include the $535 million sale of the Manhattan Times Square to an affiliate of A1 Faisal Holdings, the $343 million sale of the New York EDITION Clocktower to ADIA.
para]]Opening in May, the Clocktower extends the very boundaries of luxury in New York City[[/para]]
Traditionally Group 1 winners have been led back first with the rest of the field following close behind, but the field will now be led directly back via the clocktower gate, in a bid to reduce congestion.
The Talacre to Ffynongroew route will be launched by Rebecca Evans AM, the Deputy Minister for Farming and Food, and county council leader Aaron Shotton with members of the Clocktower Day Centre on hand to ride bikes along the cycleway.
The Great Hall occupies the middle of this semicircle, and opposite it stands the clocktower, the tallest freestanding clocktower in the world.
First realized downtown at the Clocktower Gallery last fall, the show moved to Pioneer Works in Red Hook, Brooklyn, this winter, when the gallery took up its yearlong residency there, and Pioneer Works founder Yellin added his assistance.
AN HISTORIC clocktower which has chimed every 15 minutes for more than 140 years could be silenced - because of one complaint.
120 local primary school children worked together to design a spectacular new look for the clocktower building at Ebrington.
The Neues Rathaus, or New City Hall, dominates the square, and its central clocktower features a splendid mechanical clock from which twice a day the figures of medieval knights emerge to joust, followed by flag-waving and dancing townspeople.