Cloister garth

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(Arch.) the garden or open part of a court inclosed by the cloisters.

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30pm, on Friday, September 5, on Wagon Way near Cloister Garth, in Gosforth.
We now think we have evidence for a two-metre wide north-south passageway which originally had a tiled floor -this may be a cloister walk on one side of a cloister garth or courtyard.
A pair of mortar mixers of the type familiar from Northampton was found within the probable cloister garth and, to the south, a large eastwest boundary ditch was probably the vallum monasterii.
Caption: Roses border the new cloister garth at the seventh-century Abbey of Fleury, Saint-Benoitsur-Loire, France.
Only the Abbey church, the guest-house and parlours were reserved for later building phases and, in the meantime, Dom Mellet's 'Iron Church' was transported to Quarr and re-erected on the future cloister garth at a cost of [pounds]488/6/0d.