close harmony

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close harmony

(kləʊs) or

close-harmony singing

(Music, other) a type of singing in which all the parts except the bass lie close together and are confined to the compass of a tenth

close′ har′mony

harmony in which all voices occur within an octave.
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The Solihull father and sons group reached the finals last year with their close harmony singing.
Rather than change direction, they've actually just taken what made them interesting in the first place; their blend of the exotic rhythms, close harmony singing, electronic beats and sci-fi lyrics, and ramped them up to create a distilled version of their own sound.
with their first single, ultimately selling over 100 million records), the basic sound coalesced into a tightly arranged and highly sophisticated product utilizing much close harmony singing and arrangements that were, by the standards of the day, complex and musically subtle.
It's meant to be about finding someone who is suitable to perform at the Royal Variety Show and I'm pretty sure the Queen would rather listen to some close harmony singing than watch Paddy and Nico, who I found excrutiating, or a rap duo.
And for a capella close harmony singing, they set the standard.
Pete saw us on the show and, when he met Mark, he mentioned he thought our close harmony singing would work really well with the 80s synthesised music that was going on at that time.
Tonight The Puppini Sisters fill Birmingham's Town Hall with retro-chic and their 1940s-style close harmony singing, delivered with thoroughly contemporary attitude and a swinging band in support.
They've transformed the image of close harmony singing, snatched it back from the realms of the fuddy-duddy and made it cool again.
All right, that's a stereotype - I am sure most cavemen had excellent singing voices, and even indulged in a bit of close harmony singing after a hard day's throwing animal bones in the air in fits of evolution-inducing inspiration.
Vinnie has done for the acting profession what Westlife have done for the noble art of close harmony singing.
Last weekend's wedding of baby sister was a whirl of gasps, brollies, close harmony singing, too much fizz and a wedding dance to end all wedding dances.
And Tenors of Rock is a seven-man act who belt out classic guitar anthems in close harmony singing.