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(klōzd′mīn′dĭd) or close-mind·ed (klōs′-, klōz′-)
Intolerant of the beliefs and opinions of others; stubbornly unreceptive to new ideas.

closed′-mind′ed·ness n.
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Adj.1.closed-minded - not ready to receive to new ideas
narrow-minded, narrow - lacking tolerance or flexibility or breadth of view; "a brilliant but narrow-minded judge"; "narrow opinions"
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But from the bits I've seen on the internet, it seemed like he had a very closed mind.
I too have felt the sting of harsh words when trying to introduce a closed mind to firearms.
The Minister has made several unfortunate comments that indicate he has a closed mind and there is potential evidence that the schools have undue pressure being put on them to terminate their contracts.
Books relating to general semantics by Berman include Words, Meanings and People, The Closed Mind, How to Lessen Misunderstandings, and Why Do We Jump to Conclusions?
ese include having a closed mind, self-promotion and poor use of language.
Your Poem BRAINWASHING Please my country of birth don't be unkind By brainwashing my newborn innocent mind Inform me about ALL the religions that each country preaches So I'm not forced to believe the one that my country teaches And please tell me of the thoughts of non-believers, too So I can consider their completely different point of view For I don't want a closed mind that's blinkered and shuttered Because I've been brainwashed by beliefs that only my country has uttered I want a pure open mind that soars high and flies free From all the ignorance and bigotry that only the truly brainwashed accept so easily So please my country of birth don't be unkind By brainwashing my newborn innocent mind John Wall, Wavertree
In his view, what is happening in the Middle East is a result of a closed mind, of people incapable of opening their minds, and recognizing and embracing differences.
A closed mind may feel safe, but to be closed-minded means you are not open to new information--and information is healing and empowering.
I'M surprised how the Greens and so-called Friends of the Earth can have such a closed mind when it comes to fracKing.
As I have indicated I am in neither the 'for' or 'against' camp at the moment but surely it behoves us as politicians not to have a closed mind on the matter?
An open mind always seeks after truth, while a closed mind traps a person within their dogma.
Although best practice is usually both easier to do and to defend to bosses, it is in effect a short-cut that bypasses a true understanding of the problem that needs fixing and promotes a closed mind culture.