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n. pl. clos·trid·i·a (-ē-ə)
Any of various rod-shaped, spore-forming, chiefly anaerobic bacteria of the genus Clostridium, such as certain nitrogen-fixing species found in soil and those causing botulism and tetanus.

[New Latin Clōstridium, genus name, from Greek klōstēr, klōstr-, spindle, from klōthein, to spin.]

clos·trid′i·al (-əl) adj.
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Noun1.clostridia - spindle-shaped bacterial cell especially one swollen at the center by an endospore
eubacteria, eubacterium, true bacteria - a large group of bacteria having rigid cell walls; motile types have flagella
genus Clostridium - anaerobic or micro-aerophilic rod-shaped or spindle-shaped saprophytes; nearly cosmopolitan in soil, animal intestines, and dung
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At family level, the gut microbiota was generally dominated by Clostridiales family XI Incertae sedis (mean relative abundance 21.
They found that patients whose microbiomes were diverse in general, and in particular were enriched with Faecalibacterium and Clostridiales species, were more likely to respond to immunotherapy with a PD-1 inhibitor and have a longer duration of progression-free survival.
Efecto de antigenos clostridiales con acido retinoico sobre la expresion de citoquinas de la respuesta inmune humoral y celular de la mucosa intestinal de crias de alpacas (Vicugna pacos).
They also reported that proctitis is associated with a higher relative abundance of an unknown Clostridiales, Clostridium, and an unknown Peptostreptococcaceae and Mogibacteriaceae in the stool.
It can be presumed that the order Clostridiales bacteria associated with bihar hairy caterpillar play a similar role.
Nevertheless, the question to what extent and via which mechanisms polyphenols may act as prebiotics is onlypoorly comprehended, though the evidence that polyphenols contribute to the number of health beneficial bacteria such as Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria is increasing [158,160], while suggesting a likewise reduction in orders including potential pathogenic bacteria such as Clostridiales and Enterobacteriales, and even LPS or toxin producing E.
Recently, some studies reported that subjects with T2DM had a lower proportion of butyrate-producing Clostridiales (Roseburia and Faecalibacterium prausnitzii) and greater proportions of Clostridiales that do not produce butyrate [22].
LGG reversed Aerococcus, [up arrow] the expansion of the Listeria, [up arrow] Proteobacteria and Acetivibrio, [up arrow] Actinobaceria phyla, which Clostridiales, [up arrow] could play a pathogenic Allobaculum, [up arrow] role in the development of Lactobacillus genus alcoholic liver disease, Firmicutes expanded [down arrow] Bacteroidetes greatly in the alcohol + phylum: [down arrow] LGG-fed group.
Three bacterial orders were present in all samples: Bacteroidales (mainly Prevotella and Porphyromonas); Clostridiales (mainly Peptoniphilus, Anaerococcus, Parvimonas, Dialister, and Finegoldia); and Actinomycetales (Actinomyces, Actinobaculum, and Mobiluncus).
Culture independent analysis of ileal mucosa reveals a selective increase in invasive Escherichia coli of novel phylogeny relative to depletion of Clostridiales in Crohn's disease involving the ileum".
In fact, among six significantly perturbed Firmicutes families, one Firmicutes family significantly increased in abundance after arsenic exposure--p_Firmicutes; c_Clostridia;o_Clostridiales;f_ Clostridiales Family XIII Incertae Sedis, B8 in Figure 1B, with a +2.

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