a.1.Having clouds resting on the top or head; reaching to the clouds; as, cloud-capped mountains.
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He cast his eyes speculatively up the slopes of the island to the seaman's landmark, Mount Kolorat, green-forested to its cloud-capped summit four thousand feet in the air.
The valley ran from the horseshoe, land- locked bay to the tops of the dizzy, cloud-capped peaks and contained perhaps ten thousand acres.
But while we stood admiring the cloud-capped peaks and the lowlands robed in misty gloom a finer picture burst upon us and chained every eye like a magnet--a stately ship, with canvas piled on canvas till she was one towering mass of bellying sail
Surrounded by cloud-capped peaks and verdant fields, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma's tiny hometown offered a comfortingly familiar location in which to kickstart her campaign for the South African presidency.
A bust of the Bard was installed in a special niche on the staircase in the house in Lincoln's Inn Fields; he owned a First Folio; and he quoted ad nauseam in his Royal Academy lectures the lines from The Tempest that could be related to architecture: 'The cloud-capped towers, the gorgeous palaces, / The solemn temples .
Its cloud-capped hills, dotted with exquisite temples, pagodas, pavilions, and lush vegetation, have inspired poets, scholars, and artists for thousands of years.
THIS TOWN Much travelled have I been Around this town of ours; From Foleshill's rugged mountain peaks To Finham's cloud-capped towers.
Whether or not they ride the cableway, and even if the summit is cloud-capped all week, they will remember the sandstone crag that defines the city.
WITH its cloud-capped mountains, cutglass lakes, dry-stone walls and top hotels and restaurants, you can relax by a log fire or get active in the countryside.
Stephen Greenblatt builds cloud-capped palaces sometimes to demolish them in a final statement.
The battle for Middle Earth has begun, in a totally credible Celtic world of fantastical creatures inhabiting Gothic landscapes cloud-capped in myth.