a.1.Having clouds resting on the top or head; reaching to the clouds; as, cloud-capped mountains.
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But while we stood admiring the cloud-capped peaks and the lowlands robed in misty gloom a finer picture burst upon us and chained every eye like a magnet--a stately ship, with canvas piled on canvas till she was one towering mass of bellying sail
He cast his eyes speculatively up the slopes of the island to the seaman's landmark, Mount Kolorat, green-forested to its cloud-capped summit four thousand feet in the air.
The valley ran from the horseshoe, land- locked bay to the tops of the dizzy, cloud-capped peaks and contained perhaps ten thousand acres.
Its cloud-capped hills, dotted with exquisite temples, pagodas, pavilions, and lush vegetation, have inspired poets, scholars, and artists for thousands of years.
THIS TOWN Much travelled have I been Around this town of ours; From Foleshill's rugged mountain peaks To Finham's cloud-capped towers.
Whether or not they ride the cableway, and even if the summit is cloud-capped all week, they will remember the sandstone crag that defines the city.
WITH its cloud-capped mountains, cutglass lakes, dry-stone walls and top hotels and restaurants, you can relax by a log fire or get active in the countryside.
Stephen Greenblatt builds cloud-capped palaces sometimes to demolish them in a final statement.
The battle for Middle Earth has begun, in a totally credible Celtic world of fantastical creatures inhabiting Gothic landscapes cloud-capped in myth.
Runners make their way up to the cloud-capped summit in the International Snowdon Race, where a hi-tech wireless network set up by Gaia Technologies was set up to relay live video of their progress back to the start/finish line in Llanberis