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A style of dance combining convulsive arm movements with energetic movements adapted from various urban dance forms. Also called clowning.

[Coined by the dancers who developed the style in south central Los Angeles in the 1990s.]

krump v.
krump′er n.


(Dancing) a type of dancing in which participants, often wearing face paint, dance with one another in a fast and aggressive style mimicking a fight but without any physical contact
[C21: origin unknown]
ˈkrumper n
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Here Clown Dancing, and the version called Krumping which features fewer curly wigs and red noses, help to bring hope to underprivileged communities.
Krumping and its precursor, clown dancing, refer to styles of dance developed in South Central Los Angeles in response to the riots of 1992.
Krumping developed out of South Central Los Angeles' clown dancing movement.